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Real-Life stories of individuals just like you taking their lives back and overcoming medical problems with xR - your natural prescription.

Featured Testimonial

Stacy Maclean, 37
Stacy, 37, was diagnosed with migraines at the age of 12. They have been a constant, daily struggle throughout her life from childhood to parenthood. She reflects back on the issues they have created over time and how thankful she is to have finally found the cause.

Video Testimonials

  • Barb, age 45, suffered from intense migraines since very early childhood. After seeing numerous doctors and cycling through various medications that didn't work, she was referred to xR. Here she talks about how it feels to finally live with a reduced pain level as well as all of the additional benefits she has experienced on the program.
  • Marla Meyers talks about her experience with xR and migraines, including receiving her lab results and how food factors in. Interspersed with her story, Dr. Rozakis will give a more in-depth analysis of the science behind our migraine program. Take a look inside Marla's life on her natural prescription.
  • Pat began xR with the basic focus of improving her general health. She reported her migraines in the process, not expecting that she would be shown a way to abort them as they began. She has experienced repeated success with this method.
  • Rick, 63, always made sure to take great care of himself as he grew older. Unfortunately, the effects of aging and illness began to present themselves anyway. Wanting to avoid medication, Rick found xR. After five years on the program, he has seen all of the conditions he originally presented, including fatigue and high cholesterol, fade away. Hear about how xR has gone beyond his expectations and allowed him to feel young again.
  • Ray was experiencing a host of adverse issues such as fatigue, anxiety, joint pain, and a lack of focus, among others. Hear about how these issues have cleared up for him, benefitting all areas of his life. Ray is a great example of how xR works for a vast array of conditions.
  • Kelly, 49, was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's. She wasn't content with her option of "degenerating gracefully" - so she started with xR and Dr. Emhof and her initial results have been very promising. Hear directly from Kelly and Drs. Emhof and Rozakis about this amazing story.

Written Testimonials

I am 53 and have literally traveled from Florida to California in search of help to manage my thyroid, menopause and fibromyalgia. xR addresses the importance of balancing ALL hormones. I am feeling better than I have felt in 14 years. xR has given me my life back.

- Patti B. - Tallahassee, FL

I like beer. I like The Steelers. I have a successful business and had raised a son by myself. By the time I was 52 I was also overweight, working constantly, craved ice cream and cookies, and beer. I was also anxious and on a roller coaster. When my in-laws went on xR I didn't take it seriously. I thought it would be a waste. My wife pressured me and I got the blood test, but I was skeptical. Four months later I have quit all prescriptions, I have no food cravings, I don't drink for the time being until I get to my goal weight, and I have lost 36 pounds! I feel like the man I always wanted to be. This is for real. I feel better than I did 20 years ago, and the passion is back in my marriage. My wife and I are going on a cruise this winter to celebrate our new health. Getting on xR is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Do it. No marketing hype can describe what this combination of bio-identical hormones and supplements can give you: the health and well-being you thought you couldn't have.

- Ed R. - Erie, PA

I am a 62 year old male and have been on xR for over 4 years. I was not happy with my current state of health, despite a concentrated effort to improve it through an improved diet, vitamin supplements, and a regular exercise program. I was suffering from lack of energy, and aches and pains which prevented me from exercising two days in a row. When my physician, Dr. Rozakis, said that this new program could help with these and other problems I might have, I decided to be an “early adopter”. Within only a couple of weeks, I noticed a big difference in how I felt. A much improved energy level and fewer aches and pains. These changes allowed me to exercise more frequently and improve my overall health and fitness level. But I also benefited in areas that I hadn’t anticipated: better sleep, improved mental clarity, improved libido, and a reduction of depression. In a word, I felt “rejuvenated”. Over time, Dr. Rozakis and xR have enabled me to make great strides in my quality of life. I know am more active and healthy than I have been in years. I’m able to participate in activities that would never have been possible before going on my natural prescription. Some of the changes and improvements I have been able to make: Weight Training 3 days a week (improved strength); Run 3-4 miles 2 or 3 days a week (improved stamina); Improved concentration and mental acuity; Improved libido and elimination of the depression I was suffering from One example of a major change relates to golf. Before going on the program I could no longer walk 18 holes while using a pull cart. With my much improved health and fitness I am now able to not only walk 18 holes, but carry my own golf bag! In conclusion: In the past, I have always prided myself on being healthy and fit. Now with the help of xR I am once again able to say that. My overall quality of life has been greatly improved and xR has allowed me to do that.

- Rick OH

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis so severe that I would wake up with my fingers frozen in a claw-like position and I could not lift my arms. Dr. Emhof recommended xR and after a few weeks, I saw immediate improvement in the redness, swelling and pain, especially in the hands and wrists. Now, after about six weeks on the program, I have almost no pain in my hands and wrists, virtually no redness or swelling and just occasional pain in my shoulders. I have the energy level I had as a young man (I'm 62 now) and I feel like a new person in general.

- Ron M. - Tallahassee, FL

I am 57 yrs old and I have gotten back on the elliptical for the first time in 4 yrs. I’m up to a full 30 minutes with intensity. It feels good to have focus and energy again. My memory for names and such has improved a lot as well. YEA xR!

- Donna F. - Tallahassee, FL

     I was on my xR natural prescription for two years, and recently just got back on it because quite frankly, I forgot to order my supplements (big mistake).

     Within three days, I feel great and back to normal!! I'm sleeping better, i wake up feeling rested (finally) I'm working out better, my focus is sharp and my sex life is where it should be. xR made so much sense to me - I had to try it and it was one of the best decisions of my life!

- Bill R, 30-years old

After suffering with daily migraines for years and getting no relief from every conventional and alternative therapy that I tried, I discovered xR - your natural prescription. After I started, my migraines were gone in days. Within a few months, my multiple chemical sensitivity, allergies and other autoimmune responses also began to melt away. Being an actress that was allergic to makeup had been impossible – but those days are over. I am so thankful for this wonderful therapy that changed my life.

- Anne P. - Los Angeles, CA

I had been suffering from headaches for 16 years. After the birth of my second child my migraines changed in intensity and became completely debilitating. I was in bed incapable of living my life, of taking care of my children or my home for 17 months.  My headaches had already baffled neurologists for a decade but this newer, fiercer migraine stumped 4 specialists, (plus a hospital full of doctors during a two week stay) and rendered dozens of migraine medications useless until my only option (aside from living at the hospital) was to go on a myriad of narcotics, taking even more of my life from me. Just when I thought I would be in bed forever we discovered the Migraine Program… Within 4 weeks of doing the program I felt infinitely better. There were days I had no headache at all (and this had not happened since I was 14 years old!)… Now, I feel better than I have in 15 years.. I can play with my children, I can clean my house and cook dinner, all things that had been impossible for over a year. The xR Migraine Program gave me my life back and I will never really be able to fully express my gratitude.

- Annie M.

Depression is an insidious life-robbing condition. Although it has received a respectable amount of attention from the medical and pharmaceutical communities, public understanding still lags behind. Most people innocently believe it is a choice and someone can snap out of it or consciously will themselves into a happier, healthier, normal state of mind. Conventional treatments focus on pharmaceuticals that treat the symptoms by altering brain chemistry. The treatment can be worse than the disease. Why does it not strike more people as totally bizarre that one of the side effects of anti-depressant drugs is suicide? Unfortunately I struggled with depression and anxiety for over twenty years. I was on and off medication for years. I lamented that life was so difficult for me. I knew intuitively that my body was out of balance. My attempts to educate myself and self-medicate with vitamins and supplements were marginally successful and even then, never for any length of time. I tried to work with my primary care physician and get him to prescribe bio-identical hormones based on my own research on the subject. I experienced menopause at the early age of 40. A decade later I knew my body had not had the benefits of hormonal balance and I was suffering the consequences. I was depressed, anxious, life in general was overwhelming, and all of this came with debilitating fatigue. I didn’t have the energy to fight it. The quality of my life was very poor. That is truly sad as it affected every aspect of my life including my relationships. My doctor and my therapist didn’t know how to help me and suggested I go back on an antidepressant, short-term. I reluctantly agreed to try it again. The anxiety attacks I suffered almost cost me my life. That was it, I threw them out. I knew I had to find a solution for myself. Luckily we live in an age of technology where information is easily available through the internet. I found xR. Everything I read about xR confirmed my own beliefs and I immediately enrolled. It has been four months since I have been on the program and I can’t even begin to tell you how vibrantly alive I feel. The transformation is apparent to my family and friends. As my body is being brought back to optimal levels I am experiencing the joys of good health, and good mental health at that. My quality of life is improving daily. Bad habits are fading and good healthy habits are replacing them. I’m strong, I have plenty of energy, my mind is sharp and clear again, I am happy. I have my life back. I am so grateful to have found this program.

- June
Woodstock, NY

     I’ve had fatigue for a long time, and then I was diagnosed in June 2011 with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 48.  The medical advice from the neurologist was basically just to take the Parkinson’s medicine and degenerate gracefully.   So, my husband and I talked to Dr. Emhof and he suggested that we start xR to try and get things back into balance. 

     Dr. Emhof explained to me that there is no “one magic pill” and I think that the concept of bringing my body back into balance and supporting it with personalized nutrition and supplements was something that made a lot of sense to us and so we decided to get started. 

     I started the program, and immediately one of the things that sticks out most in mind was I never thought I had trouble sleeping.  I would go to bed and sleep like a rock and wake up the next morning – but wouldn’t feel rested.  When I went through the initial evaluation, I was asked if I were dreaming.  I didn’t really think anything of it, but within days of starting, I felt much more rested in the morning and I started dreaming. 

     Also, my cholesterol was very low, in the 130’s, and it had been around there for as long as I could remember.  Dr. Emhof said that it might be too low because cholesterol helps with the balance of my hormones.  My fatigue is much much improved and I have some increase in smell at times.  I lost my sense of smell, which is associated with Parkinson’s.  My Parkinson’s affected my left side the most, but today I am able to move my left arm much faster at times

     I have a friend who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a month before me and he is rapidly declining.  I think part of it is how you approach it too, but I’m not declining and I’m seeing some positive changes!

     Going through the process of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, meeting with my neurologist and then working with xR and Dr. Emhof, I realized how medicine really is a pharmaceutical driven industry.  The mere fact that exercise, good nutrition, getting my body back in balance hormonally and detoxifying my life are considered “alternative” treatments speaks volumes to where medicine has gone.  

     Dr. Emhof:  I’ve been extremely encouraged to see Kelly.  We look at the whole system.  We don’t just focus on one disorder like traditional medicine tends to do.  We look at the whole system because the body is so much better at taking care of itself than we are if we just give it the nutrients and the support it needs – it can heal itself.

     It’s interesting to see Kelly’s perspective and my perspective because when I see her come into the office, obviously it’s a gap from the last time I saw her and I see big changes in just the brightness of her face, the speed by which she moves and the speed by which she responds to my questions.  It had gotten rather slow, and had decreased facial expressions and obviously from the video – they have obviously resolved.   And she is talking at a normal cadence and her motions are essentially normal.

     Kelly:  That’s encouraging to hear, because an author who wrote a book about his recovery from Parkinson’s (through the very nutritional and healthy support of his body we have been discussing) said I should journal because you won’t notice little things like that so that is really encouraging for me to hear.  Thank you so much to Dr. Emhof and xR for all their help and support.

- Kelly S.
Tallahassee, FL

I’m thrilled to share my great experience with xR and I happily pass along my high recommendation to family and friends…in fact, my husband’s daughter just enrolled in the program after we spent a short vacation together and she noted how “great” I looked and seemed to feel. She wanted to know how I did it and so I let her in on my “secret.” Since starting the supplement/hormone therapy recommended for me in my personalized natural prescription just four months ago, I’ve experienced a number of remarkable improvements in my health and well being. The one that I perhaps most welcome (as does my family doctor) is the reduction of my cholesterol. I had reached a level of 267 last year, and after careful diet and exercise did not reduce my cholesterol, I reluctantly began taking a statin drug my doctor prescribed. When I started my natural prescription, I quit taking my statin prescription to find out what effect the program’s supplements would have on my cholesterol. When I had my follow up lab work done three months later, my cholesterol was down to 202 – without taking the statin drug! Another welcome result of being on xR is the vastly improved condition of my skin. As a 57 year-old, I had my share of facial lines and wrinkles, particularly around my eyes. Additionally, the chronic dark circles under my eyes and my “droopy” eyelids made me appear tired even when I wasn’t. Now the lines are not nearly as pronounced and the dark circles have almost disappeared. My skin appears to be firmer and my eyelids no longer as droopy. It’s amazing to me (and my friends) how much younger I look these days! Another terrific effect for me on xR is that I have more energy to support my busy lifestyle…one that includes daily exercise, both walking and weight training. In the past, I would begin exercise routines and after five or six weeks would become ill with an upper respiratory infection. I’d be off my workouts for a week or two to recover my health and strength…a frustrating pattern that left me demoralized. No more, now that I’m using xR. I believe that following my natural prescription helps to keep me healthy under all sorts of stresses…even emotional stress. While maintaining a multi-faceted work schedule, I help care for my disabled elderly mother who lives out of town. It used to make me feel stressed out and depressed. Now, I’ve never felt better – I’m happy, confident, and full of energy…doing more and worrying less. Yet another benefit from xR is my increased libido. I thought its decrease was an inevitable effect of menopause. But I gratefully discovered that with xR's recommended bio-identical hormone therapy, my libido levels have returned to those I enjoyed twenty years ago. It’s been marvelous. Ditto for hair loss…no more wads of hair in the shower drain or in my brush. And I’ve been able to lose ten pounds in the past four months…without drastic diets or extreme exercise. Thanks to xR, menopause is not the “drag” on me that it used to be. And finally, xR is so sustainable…I regularly receive phone calls and emails asking how I’m doing on the program and if I have any questions or concerns. Updating my program is easy using the internet. Communication between me and my client co-coordinators is great. I especially appreciate being able to keep my own doctor while using xR…she knows me and I trust her to oversee my natural prescription. She’s the one that introduced me to xR and I am grateful for her always careful research and wellness recommendations.

- Anne Schneider

     I am a big believer in the xR program.  I have been on it for over two and a half years now, and it has changed my life for the positive, both physically and mentally.  I recently turned 70 and feel more vigorous and alive today than I have in over 20 years. 

     As the saying goes, blood test doesn't lie.  My cholesterol is down from 225 to 154 and the ratio is perfect, triglycerides are down from 150 (marginally bad) to 112, good level, D-3 up considerably to near the desired level, weight down from 203 to 187 without a restrictive diet, body mass index to 24.7 versus over 26.5 and in the overweight category before.  The most convincing evidence of physical improvement is my tennis game.  Since starting the xR program, my improved energy and stamina have taken my game to a new level after over 50 years of playing singles tennis.  

     Overall, I feel much healthier, sharper mentally and am ready to charge ahead.  I have been fortunate in life from a health standpoint with my biggest challenge being open heart surgery when I was 45 to repair a congenital heart defect.  I have been even luckier in terms of family and friends.  So far, every decade of my life has been better than the previous and I see no reason why, given how I feel at the moment, that cannot hold true through at least my 70s.  I know how life inevitably must end, but am excited about continuing to proactively manage and delay the decay of aging as long as possible and am a believer that the xR program and Dr. Emhof can help me do just that.  

- John Lewis, Tallahassee, Florida.


     I have been on my xR MD natural prescriptions for a year and a half now. I did not have any one symptom that was worse than the other but a combination of a lot of little ones that all together, were more of an annoyance. As I am heading into menopause and have for the most part been healthy, I did not want to accept many of these symptoms as just something I had to get used to. I wanted to sleep well, have better focus, be less tired and just feel better all around. Within 2 weeks of starting my natural prescriptions, I was sleeping through the night and if I did wake to use the bathroom, I am always able to fall back to sleep, instead of staring at the ceiling for hours. To me, that alone was worth going on the natural prescriptions program. I liked the flexibility with the program, to be able to order my supplements either on line or picking them up at the xRMD office close to my home. Being able to do my updates on my own secure log in has been super convenient. All the staff have been friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help or answer any questions I have had. I just feel better all around! So glad that I found Dr. R. and XRMD!

- Joan M.- Avon, OH

     I have suffered with migraines for 25 years and have had them daily for the last 6.  I’ve tried everything to get rid of them.  My neurologist prescribed everything she could think of, I've had acupuncture, massage therapy, applied kinesiology, neurotransmitter testing, botox injections and much more.  Nothing ever worked enough to justify the time and cost.  About 2 years ago, I found the book, "The Migraine Cure".  After reading it, I thought the theory seemed logical so, after some initial research, I decided to give it a try. 

     The first two years on the program did not get rid of my headaches but definitely made the intensity more tolerable - most of the time.  I was still getting migraines daily though, so xR continued to try to find the cause with methylation and genetic testing to find out if my migraines could be caused by a dietary factor.  After 3 days of eliminating certain recommended foods based on my test results, my headaches began to disappear.  After only 2 months, my migraines have been reduced to 0-2 per week.  This is a HUGE improvement from the 1-3 migraines I would get DAILY and I am hopeful that they will go away all together in the months to come.

     The xR program and the doctors I have worked with provide, far and away, the best "care" I have ever received.  Their methodology of continuous updates from patients and providing feedback and/or program changes for each and every one of those updates is amazing.  I have never had a doctor take anywhere near the time and interest that they have.  I have had phone conversations with the doctors from xR lasting over an hour and a half to understand my history and to explain everything thoroughly.  I have never had that level of one-on-one with any doctor prior to this, and there have been many.  I have felt from the beginning that they believed there was a cause for my migraines and were committed to finding it.  It is such an amazing feeling to wake up and spend my day without a migraine.  It had been so long, I had forgotten what it felt like to be pain-free.  There were times I wasn't sure I would ever feel normal again.  I am incredibly grateful to xR and their doctors for helping me return to a normal life.



- Stacy M., 37, CO