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xR Couture Vitamins for Women: when your multivitamin isn't enough

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You are finally convinced from reading glossy magazines and internet searching that beauty truly does come from within. You may know that hormones start to decline around the age of 35 and are not quite ready for Healthy Aging. How lucky are YOU to be young and living in the genetic age?! The $4B dollar, 13 year Human Genome Project won’t do anything for you unless you get your genetics tested and swap that one size fits all supplement regimen for Couture Vitamins.

Medical Scientists are now able to look into your genetics and treat imbalances in your body chemistry that lead to disease that you are prone to. Furthermore, xR MD’s will tell you what foods to avoid based on your genetic test and you may be surprised to know that certain healthy foods are toxic to your body. For example, Kale, a food high in sulfur can be very toxic to one’s body chemistry. It’s truly amazing that lots of fruits and vegetables isn’t enough to ensure you are doing what you can to be as healthy as you can be.

xR Couture is for younger, healthy individuals who want to embrace the genetic era and upgrade their current multivitamin regimen by tailoring their vitamins. Your recommended natural prescription will be based on your online medical history, genetics, biochemistry and provide food recommendations to prep you for life.

Step 1:  Personal Health History

Click Get Started to complete your online personalized health history and you will receive an email with your username and password to login to view your xR Couture recommendation when it is completed by an xR MD. You will also be contacted by an xR Specialist to answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Order your Genetic Test

You are encouraged to perform a simple genetic screen, especially if have a family history of GEMS.  It is a simple, spit-in-a-cup saliva test that costs $99 and takes 4-6 weeks for the results to return.

Step 3: Couture Vitamins

Once you have completed your personal health history, your natural prescription will be created within two business days and it will include nutritional recommendations and personalized nutriceuticals.  Thereafter, you have the option to monitor, modify and maintain your natural prescription as  your body responds over time.

Stop the guesswork on what vitamins, supplements and foods to eat for your body chemistry and interested in a genetic screening to see if you are prone to disease. Start young and prep yourself for life.